5 beautiful Christmas decoration cafes in Saigon

Although it is almost half a month until Christmas 2021, there are quite a few cafes in Saigon wearing “new colors” filled with Christmas atmosphere, making hundreds of young people eager to “stand still” to check-in. If you want to “catch the trend” but don’t know where to go, just go to these 5 beautiful Christmas decoration cafes in Saigon.
Beautiful cafe in Saigon


Although the area is not large, Khom Coffee & Tea is always the first choice of Saigon youth every Christmas. Every nook and cranny in the Hamlet can be “chilled” and photographed which is a splendidly decorated pine tree; Christmas boxes, covered with white snow, brick walls or warm fireplaces.
A note for virtual believers at this beautiful Christmas decoration cafe in Saigon is that the shop has the main red tone, so you can choose white or “ton sur ton” clothes to show more pictures. shimmer.
Address: 5 Tran Quu Khoach, Distric 1
Beautiful cafe in Saigon

Vom Cafe

The second most beautiful view in Saigon’s Christmas decoration cafe is Vom Cafe, a cafe designed in the Mediterranean style with the dominant white color scheme. In addition, Voc cafe also scores points in that each floor has a different decor, using a variety of yellow and red tones.
So you don’t need to worry about the lack of photo space or duplicate backgrounds.
Address: 251 To Hien Thanh, Ward 13, District 10
Beautiful cafe in Saigon

Chieu Cafe

Chieu Cafe has many “tricks” that make you fall in love from the moment you arrive here. This cafe with Christmas decoration is unique in that, the outside space is decorated in the style of Hoi An architecture, but the back of the shop is decorated in a style bearing the breath of the land of thousands of flowers in Da Lat. At this time, whether the space inside or outside of the shop is full of Christmas atmosphere.
If you just want to relax and have a set of Christmas photos “like distilled water” to change your avatar for this Christmas season without having to go far, just go to this beautiful Christmas decoration cafe in Saigon!
Address: 195 Pham Van Chieu, Ward 14, Go Vap District
Beautiful cafe in Saigon

Tam Coffee

Tam coffee is one of the few coffee shops in Saigon that takes the time to update their decor according to the festive season. Before that, it was a super cute Mid-Autumn Festival decoration cafe, and on Christmas, quickly changed into new clothes with many cute check-in corners. Right from the front of the shop, you can feel the Christmas atmosphere.
The space inside the shop is also quite spacious, with super cute floors and divisions. On the 2nd floor of the shop is a paradise for you to take pictures with a studio corner decorated with a beautiful Christmas concept.
Address: 248/33/21 Nguyen Thai Binh, Ward 12, Tan Binh District
Beautiful cafe in Saigon


HUOU is a beautiful Christmas decoration cafe in Saigon with a different space compared to other shops. The decor following the Christmas concept is not too fussy but gentle and cute but still highlights the Christmas atmosphere. A simple beauty that makes others flutter.
Address: 15 Tran Hung Dao, Hiep Phu Ward, District 9.
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